Here are all of the 2022 “E3” and Summer Game Fest streams

2023 game streams

The 2022 game streams are coming

2022 game streams are on the way, and I use “E3” in quotes because really, we all know it’s E3 in spirit, even if E3 doesn’t exist this year. I mean, the ESA made its bed, but it’s still weird to call it by any other name at the current moment. It’s kind of like Facebook changing the name of the Oculus Rift to something I won’t even mention here. I’m just not ready for change!

In the meantime, here are all of the confirmed dates and times for 2022 game streams. It’s…a lot. While “E3 is canceled,” we’re effectively getting a more spread out E3: with all the good and bad that comes with that.

Expect this page to be updated when new 2022 “E3” and Summer Game Fest streams arise.

When the Sony State of Play stream starts

June 2 – 5PM ET

When the Acquire showcase starts

June 5 – 7AM ET

When the Limited Run showcase starts

June 6 – 4PM ET

When the Sonic Central stream starts

June 7 – 12PM ET

When the Summer Games Fest stream starts

June 9 – 2PM ET

When the Devolver Direct showcase starts

June 9 – 6PM ET

When the Netflix Gaming stream starts

June 10 – 1PM ET

When the Epic Games Store Summer showcase starts

June 10 – 2PM ET

When the Guerilla Collective stream starts

June 11 – 11AM ET

When the Wholesome Games Direct stream starts

June 11 – 12:30PM ET

When the Future Games Show stream starts

June 11 – 3PM ET

When the Xbox and Bethesda showcase stream starts

June 12 – 1PM ET

When the PC Gaming Show stream starts

June 12 – 3:30PM ET

When the Capcom Showcase stream starts

June 13 – 6PM ET

When the Assassin’s Creed Celebration stream starts

June 14 – 12PM ET

When the Xbox extended games showcase stream starts

June 14 – 1PM ET

When the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Celebration stream starts

June 16 – 6PM ET

When the Dragon’s Dogma 10th Anniversary stream starts

June 16 – 6PM ET

When the 2022 Nintendo Direct Mini stream starts

June 28 – 9AM ET

When the Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope stream starts

June 29 – 12:00PM ET

When the Annapurna Interactive Showcase stream starts

July 28 -3PM ET

Publishers yet to confirm events, dates, or times, or have backed out:

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