Gunman Clive may come to the Wii U, don’t expect a new game anytime soon

If there is a third game, it will mix the formula up

The first two Gunman Clive games were pretty fantastic little platformers, and the low pricepoint made the deal even sweeter. It’s hard to believe that the series was born from the mind of one developer, Bertil Horberg, and although he isn’t super keen on pushing a third game out the door, he is hopeful for the future.

Speaking to Nintendojo, Horberg noted that if he did extend the series he’d have to “shake up the formula a bit more and do something different.” Going on to describe his state of mind for the second game, he states, “GC2 started as a very straightforward sequel with basically just more levels. I think it grew to be a bit more ambitious than that in the end, but it still follows the first game very closely in terms of the core gameplay and structure. Honestly I don’t really know where to go from here thematically; in GC2 I tried to make everything feel grander and more dramatic. He’s already been to space and traveled around the world, fought dinosaurs and giant robots, so I don’t know how I’d top that to make his next adventure feel like a clear step up again.”

Maybe we won’t get a third game for a while, but the good news is that he’s open to a Wii U port after mastering the iOS, Android and Steam versions. Maybe we’ll get the best of both worlds with a third game on the Wii U.

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