Gather ’round everyone, it’s time to viciously judge the new Harvest Moon: Skytree Village trailer

Does it live up to the Harvest Moon name?

I don’t know if I like Harvest Moon: Skytree Village, but I certainly don’t hate it. At least, not yet. A trailer released for E3 today offers a first look at the world and mechanics of the upcoming 3DS game.

A word of advice before you watch the trailer below: mute your volume. You’ll thank me later. The voiceover for the entire 2 and a half minute video is excruciatingly annoying. 

Skytree Village definitely looks similar to its predecessor The Lost Valley, especially in how farmers are able to interact with the land. So far, I’m a fan of how tools work this time around. I realize you’ll have to upgrade to get things to the scale shown in the trailer, but I’m 100% ok with being able to till a 10×10 grid of land with one swing. 

Alissa McAloon