Now that the major “E3” streams are done, what was your favorite reveal?

favorite reveal

You can probably tell what I picked already

We’ve been through a State of Play, Sonic Central, Summer Games Fest, Devolver Direct, a Netflix Gaming stream, the Epic Games Store Summer Showcase, a Microsoft event, and the PC Gaming Show together. It’s been a trip! “E3 2022” has been trying at times, but now is the time to share your favorite reveal of this past week.

For me, it was the Persona on Xbox announcement. The fact that this trio of killer games is coming to PC [beyond what we already got], Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Game Pass, is pretty huge news. Although they’re older releases (well, Royal technically isn’t that old), it’s a trifecta announcement: so I’m kind of cheating here.

It’s just lovely to see this series live on, on as many platforms as possible. I can still recall the first time I played Persona 2 with my cousin; huddled away in my relative’s house, never realizing how big this series would one day get. I watched Persona 3 claw its way onto the PSP after a PS2 release, and now, it’s coming to Xbox consoles, potentially before PS5 and Switch. That’s wild!

A bit of housekeeping for what’s on the horizon. So to be clear, all the major showcases are done as of this afternoon. The next stream is the Capcom showcase at 6PM ET tomorrow, followed by the 10-minute FFVII celebration shindig on June 16. Oh, and if Nintendo plans a surprise Direct next week, there’s that. You can find a list of confirmed streams here.

But again, as of today, what was your favorite reveal? As a reminder, here is what some of us wanted to see.

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