Code of Princess jumps from 3DS to PC

Coming to Steam on April 14

Code of Princess, one of the first standout Nintendo 3DS exclusives, is now coming to Windows PC, Tokyo-based publisher and e-commerce company Degica announced today.

The title will be available on Steam starting April 14 for $15.

Code of Princess was created by Studio Saizensen, the same team behind the Umihara Kawase trilogy, and was originally published by the now-defunct Agatsuma Entertainment in 2012. Back then, it was oft compared to Treasure and Sega’s beloved 1996 beat-’em-up Guardian Heroes — and with good reason! In addition to Code of Princess bearing a striking resemblance to that game, Guardian Heroes director Tetsuhiko Kikuchi and lead programmer Masaki Ukyo both helped develop the title.

Code of Princess [Steam]

[Correction: Degica listed a $11.99 price point on its press kit. However, a company representative now tells us the game will cost $14.99 and will launch with a 10 percent discount.]

Kyle MacGregor Burleson