All of the 3DS, Wii and DS news in one convenient spot

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Nintendo unleashed a ton of new info on the world tonight. Most importantly of all, the 3DS has been dated and priced. The handheld will be available in Japan starting February 2011 for ¥25000 (about $300). The handheld will then be coming across the seas to Europe and the US sometime in March.

Plenty of games were also shown off tonight. The biggest being a new Mega Man Legends game for the 3DS. Also in store for are some new Resident Evil games for the 3DS, a new Kirby game for the DS and Rhythm Heaven coming to the Wii finally.

What are you all looking forward to the most from tonight’s announcements?

The big news:
GameBoy games coming to 3DS, online functions detailed
Mega Man Legends 3 announced for 3DS!
Nintendo announces 3DS release date and pricing
3DS specs detailed, comes with accessories

Here’s all the 3DS games…including the less loved ones
Pokemon typing game is a real thing, has real keyboard
Samurai Warriors Chronicle hacks n’ slashes the 3DS
Some Paper Mario 3DS screenshots for your enjoyment
Ocarina of Time 3DS? Yes please!
Driver 3D announced for 3DS as well
Sam Fisher going to reach out and choke someone on 3DS
Super Monkey Ball is coming to 3DS too
Chocobo Racing returns to 3DS
Check out the various functions of the 3DS
Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle announced
Metal Gear Solid 3DS: Snake Eater trailer is amazing
Keiji Inafune personally introduces Mega Man Legends 3
LovePlus 3DS trailer
See the 3DS game lineup in glorious trailer form
New screens for Mario Sports Mix
Super SF IV 3D Edition’s ‘Always on’ feature detailed
Nintendo to allow transfer of games between 3DS handhelds
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries announced for 3DS
Puzzle Bobble coming to 3DS
Fresh screens of Resident Evil: Revelations
Some fresh and tiny new screens of Kid Icarus: Uprising
Nintendo’s Miis going handheld in a big way on 3DS

New Darkspore gameplay trailer
The Last Story hits Japan next year, still looks hot
New screenshots of Donkey Kong Country Returns
New Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword screenshots
New Rhythm Heaven and Fatal Frame titles totally teased
A look at the best upcoming Wii games

A look at what may be the last upcoming DS games
New Kirby and Pokemon games for the DS revealed
Nintendo announces Super Mario 25 Anniversary DSi LL


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