A Pokken Tournament DX free Switch game trial is live now

Pokken Tournament DX game trial

Live through August 24 at 11:59PM PT

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If you’ve ever wanted to test out the Pokken series, now is the time: a Pokken Tournament DX game trial is live on Nintendo Switch. Some could have predicted this was coming, as Pokken Tournament DX was announced as part of the 2022 Pokemon World Championships event nearly a year ago as the main event. It’s been a weekend of Pokemon news!

The trial is the full game, and honestly, it’s a perfect opportunity to try out a fighter completely guilt-free, with everyone unlocked. While Pokken Tournament might not be for everyone, I’m willing to bet there were a lot of people on the fence about it, who would be wooed by a demo — now is the time.

If you partake in the Pokken Tournament DX game trial you’ll earn 100 Platinum Points on My Nintendo for your trouble. As a reminder, if you already own the game, you can still pick up the 100 Platinum Points by booting up the full version. Just sift through your library or head straight to the eShop and redownload it. You can find the game here.

As per usual, game trials can be used by anyone with a Nintendo Switch Online account, as trials are a perk for the service. If you want to buy it, you can get 30% off during the trial period.

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