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Palworld dev explains why creating a Nintendo Switch version would be ‘hard’

Bad news for Switch owners.

Pocketpair CEO Takuri Mizobe has poured cold water on the idea of a Nintendo Switch port of Palworld, just days after the company teased the development of a PlayStation version.

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In an interview with Game File, Mizobe didn’t totally rule out the idea of it coming to the console, but stated that doing so could be difficult due to the technology differences between PCs and current-gen consoles compared to the Nintendo Switch, which is now seven years old.

He explained that the graphical and technical demands on Palworld on PC are higher than what the Switch can produce, saying: “Maybe it’s hard to port to Switch just for technical reasons.”

How to reset the dungeon boss in Palworld feat
Don’t expect to see this guy on your Switch any time soon. Image via Pocketpair

Of course, the highly anticipated successor to the Nintendo Switch may be able to manage the demands of Palworld, but it could be March 2025 before we even get an announcement about the new system, and there’s no real timeline for its release.

It looks like Nintendo will be the only one of the “big three” console makers to miss out on Palworld, at least for the foreseeable future following the teasing of a PlayStation port by the game’s community manager on June 22.

It would definitely be interesting to see Palworld on Nintendo systems though, especially when you consider the fact that the game has been labeled “Pokemon with guns.” The creatures are reminiscent of characters from the Pokemon world, and Nintendo is notoriously strict about how things related to their IP are handled.

While Palworld on Nintendo Switch may not be happening right now, there’s still plenty for fans of the game to look forward to thanks to the Sakurajima update which drops on June 27, bringing a new island, new Pals, another raid, and a higher level cap.

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