Pokemon Unite is finally getting a new core map

New Pokemon Unite map

Theia Sky Ruins

A new Pokemon Unite map is on the way, according to a tweet from the game’s official account.

While Unite has experimented with extremely uneven events, minigames, or quick maps (five minutes), this is the first time a real new core mode (10 minutes) map has been teased. On paper, it looks like it’ll have the same basic two-lane layout as the core one, but with a few changes.

What’s different about the new Pokemon Unite map Theia Sky Runs:

  • Rayquaza is the boss in the middle
  • Jungling will be different, with new layouts
  • It has a new aesthetic

It’s not a complete departure from the norm, which is honestly OK. When Unite tries to go for far-out wild pitches, it can often miss. So having a layout that’s mostly the same but has a complete visual reboot is likely for the best. After a year of playing on the same tired arena, it’ll be great to finally get another option.

Of course, details are very slim, as is customary for the game. The only tease we’re given is to “stay tuned for future information,” so it’s unclear how this map will rotate, or if it’ll completely take over the original battleground for a while.

As usual, the Japanese Pokemon Unite site has a page upfront beyond the sole tweet from the English account.

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