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The 10 Best LEGO Games for Switch, Ranked

Bricks have never been more portable

The best LEGO games are easy to enjoy action and puzzle-filled adventures that both adults and kids can enjoy. Recognizable franchises and characters are in plenty, and there are of course tons of opportunities for creating chaos as you both build and destroy worlds that are assembled entirely of bricks. Let’s count down the best LEGO games for Switch to help you get your brick-based fix. 

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10. LEGO Jurassic World 

lego jurassic world reviews
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The best part of LEGO Jurassic World is that it allows you to step away from the film after which it’s titled and play through all three classic Jurassic Park movies instead. If you have a nostalgic tie to this franchise, then this game is definitely a good time.

9. LEGO 2K Drive

LEGO’s kart racer has a handful of likeable features that are designed to appeal to kids. Though the racing experience here pales in comparison with the likes of Mario Kart, the more open-world experience the game provides brings a fun dose of the type of chaos that’s a key component of all things LEGO. 

8. LEGO The Incredibles

lego incredibles switch
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The LEGO retelling of The Incredibles isn’t the best superhero LEGO game for Switch, but it’s still an enjoyable, lighthearted experience that takes full advantage of the film characters’ powers. The graphics are also a bit strange looking sometimes, but then again, it’s just a bunch of LEGO bricks we’re looking at here right?

7. LEGO Builder’s Journey

Builder’s Journey is completely unlike the other LEGO games on this list, but that’s not such a bad thing. Simply put, it’s a short, small scale puzzle game that’s good for relaxing. 

6. LEGO Fortnite

The LEGO edition of Fortnite is meant to be a survival game, but somehow it’s strangely relaxing compared to the original thing. The combat is fun and simple, and the game environment looks great.

5. LEGO City Undercover

lego city undercover
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LEGO City Undercover came out in the year prior to the release of The LEGO Movie, and in all honesty, probably benefited greatly from its success. The gameplay here isn’t tied to a particular franchise, but there’s still plenty of awesome things to build and destroy.

4. LEGO DC Super-Villains

What better place to play as a Super Villain than in a LEGO game? Though DC Super-Villains isn’t quite as fun as the likes of the classic LEGO: Batman games, you’ll still have a good time being bad. Thankfully it’s just LEGO bricks you’re destroying. 

3. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

marvel lego games
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The engaging open world and wide range of superpowers to play with make playing Marvel Super Heroes a good time for just about anyone, even when you’ve only a seen a few of the relevant films. Unlike other entries on this list, there’s an original story to work through here, but in all honesty, you’ll probably spend more time wrecking havoc in New York than actually playing it.

2. LEGO Harry Potter Collection

Harry Potter lego games
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The LEGO Harry Potter Collection for Switch is actually two games rolled into one, with the first game covering the first four movies and books and the second game covering all the rest. Though these games are older compared with the other LEGO games available for the Switch, they still offer fun character abilities and charming, magical environments to explore in and around Hogwarts.

1. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

lego Star Wars characters
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The Skywalker Saga is the definitive edition of LEGO Star Wars, combining everything that was great for the earlier Force Awakens and Complete Saga games to create a single exemplary experience. All nine major chapters of the Star Wars epic are covered, and there about 400 playable characters to choose from. Want to play through The Phantom Menace as a First Order flame trooper? How about fighting Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi as a Tusken Raider? The choice is yours, and no matter what, you’re sure to have a good time.

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