136 years is a long time to be banned from Smash Bros.

When that ban’s up, it should be about time for the new Smash to release

Some Smash Bros. players on 3DS are finding themselves the unlucky recipients of an unfortunately long ban from the game — 136 years. Well, it’s most likely a glitch, but that probably doesn’t come as much consolation to those affected.

Over the weekend, reddit users reported the unreasonably lengthy timeout, and it seems to stem from quitting mid-match and/or excessively targeting an individual in Smash‘s four-player fun mode. As of now, there’s no solution to rectify the glitch, just practices to avoid it popping up.

One user hypothesizes that this occurs when the game tries to assign a ban that’s too short, so it defaults back to the longest time possible. Whatever the cause is, hopefully Nintendo rolls out a fix soon, so everyone can get back to Smashing ASAP. If not, we’ll run a follow-up in 136 years to ensure that the ban properly lifts when it’s supposed to.

136 year ban glitch FAQ + Answers [reddit]

Brett Makedonski
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