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One last Titan Souls trailer to prepare you for your journey
Well, it won't really prepare you
4:30 PM on 04.14.2015

Narcosis explores the horrors of the deep ocean with intense VR gameplay
Deep deep down
3:00 PM on 04.14.2015

The console ports for Tower of Guns are pretty all right
Raised my tower for sure
11:00 AM on 04.14.2015

Mortal Kombat X's fatalities too hard? Pay to make them easy
You're killing me
6:30 AM on 04.14.2015

My new boyfriend is coming to Skullgirls this friday
Look at him!
3:00 AM on 04.14.2015

The Charnel House Trilogy pulling in to the station April 16
It's a game about trains. Prepare for puns
2:00 AM on 04.14.2015

Get murdered in Mortal Kombat X live tonight on stream!
Four arms, four cocks, you do the math
10:00 PM on 04.13.2015

Maybe Ripley's arms are made of fire?
Amanda? More like Ash
8:00 PM on 04.13.2015

Grand Theft Auto V movie maker: You too can set Forrest Gump to electro pop
First little video made entirely with Rockstar's in-game tools
7:00 PM on 04.13.2015

Development on Kickstarter-funded Midora paused
Feature creeeep
6:30 PM on 04.13.2015

New details, full intro revealed for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward
New jobs will start at level 30
3:30 PM on 04.13.2015

Capcom gives us a split-screen workaround for Resident Evil 5 on Steam
Not ideal, but it's something
3:00 PM on 04.13.2015

Look away from these 4K screens of The Witcher 3
Unless you're wealthy or something
1:45 PM on 04.13.2015

As the first current-gen Naruto, Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is a huge visual leap
A more authentic look
12:00 PM on 04.13.2015

Marvel Heroes 2015 gets new costume featured in the Netflix Daredevil show
'Man without Fear' is from the comic as well
11:30 AM on 04.13.2015

Review: Titan Souls
In the shadow of Shadow of the Colossus
8:00 AM on 04.13.2015


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