Zero Time Dilemma watches are finally shipping to customers

Limited Edition bonuses delayed after being damaged in transport

Despite launching to some highly favourable reviews, the release of Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma was somewhat rocky. Issues such as a lack of advertised PS TV compatibility took over a week to be resolved in the U.S, and even longer in Europe.

Arguably more seriously, the watches included with the Limited Edition run of the game were damaged in transport, requiring them to be sent back to the manufacturer. While copies of the base game were meant to have been shipped to customers regardless, buyers would be forced to wait for an uncertain amount of time before receiving the watches they paid for.

Not only that, but according to Polygon, many Amazon customers were hit with more woes, as buyers were told that they would have to wait two to four weeks before their copies would be sent to them.

After nearly two months, it looks like this situation is soon to reach its conclusion. Aksys Games, the publisher of the third game in the Zero Escape franchise, has announced on its Twitter that replacements for the damaged watches have finally been produced, and are soon to be sent to its retail partners.

It’s just unfortunate that this Dilemma wasn’t resolved in Zero Time.

Lilian C