Zelda: Breath of the Wild shields can deflect lasers? News to me

Zelda shields deflect lasers

And the mechanic is quite forgiving, to boot

Breath of the Wild Zelda shields deflect lasers, as this one player points out, and it has blown my mind yet again when it comes to this game.

Redditor DOSVII casually posted the below clip, showing how you can simply raise your shield to deflect lasers: typically found in puzzle-oriented portions of shrines. With lasers, you generally need to figure out a way to block them with an object, often times manipulated with the magnesis power, which functions as a grabber of sorts.

They’re super casual about it too, showcasing that you can walk right into a laser with your shield aimed practically anywhere, from walking right into a laser on your side with your shield pointed at the front: or walking backward with the same orientation. One would assume that you’d need to aim your shield directly at the laser and sidestep, and I bet people who did know how this worked could have finished the entire game none the wiser. DOSVII says this is their second time playing through the game before they noticed it, or even thought to try it. Note that the shield will break over time! It’s just extremely convenient in the moment.

I’m loving the fact that my memory banks are picking up all these tips: each subsequent playthrough gets a little easier!

Breath of the Wild Zelda shields deflect lasers in action:

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