Yo-Kai Watch 3 will have over 600 creatures

It’s coming in a few weeks

Yo-kai Watch 3 will arrive in two flavors when it hits Japan on June 16 — Sushi and Tempura (for reference, that’s two different 3DS versions) — and will be set in America. You can take a look at the new battle system below, as well as the announcement that it will contain over 600 Yo-Kai to befriend (it’s catching up on Pokemon‘s 721!).

I’m constantly confused as to the performance of this series overseas. It seems to be doing well enough to warrant a release of the second game in the west, but is that essentially being bankrolled by the money Level-5 is making hand over fist in Japan? They still haven’t revealed sales numbers for it, and I hope it’s sustainable enough to warrant future localizations — lest we get invested and find out the great experiment is over.

But I’m just rambling. I’m glad we live in a world where Pokemon and Yo-Kai both exist.

Chris Carter
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