Xbox One backwards compatible Rare titles include DLC for free

Hot Kameo skins for everyone

If you’re in the Xbox One Preview Program to test the latest dashboard updates for Xbox One and have any of the Xbox 360 titles developed by Rare on the backwards compatability list, you’re in luck. Looks like all the in-game DLC for last-gen Rare titles is included automatically with the games’ install, free of charge. 

I’ve personally verified that Kameo includes all the costume DLCs while others have reported that Viva Piñata includes all the accessory packs for piñatas so you can make them look hella fresh. The map packs for Perfect Dark Zero are as of yet unconfirmed as I don’t have a copy and seemingly the entire Internet doesn’t either. 

Other non-Rare titles do not have the DLC yet such as Mass Effect and Defense Grid. I’ve sent an email to Rare to see if this is intended and will update given a response. Including all the DLC would makes sense as Rare Replay will include all game-centric DLC from previous titles as well.

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