Wii firmware update hits, adds USB keyboard support, and more

Your Wii should be flashing blue any moment now, as there is now a firmware update ready for download. This new firmware, version 3.1U/3.1E, offers a number of updates to the system’s Internet Channel.
Since turning on my Wii would break an epic streak, I sure am glad the folks over at Vooks have not only dug into the new firmware, but also posted some videos (as seen above). Some new features include: USB keyboard compatibility; links receiving on the Wii message board will now open in the Internet Channel; you can send links to friends from the Internet Channel; and you can now copy/paste text from pages.
Unfortunately, there’s no full documentation on what the update truly provides, but I’m sure after updating the system will tell you that parental controls are now available. And thank God for that. If you guys unearth any other significant changes, be sure to let us know!
Nick Chester