Where to find the Commander Outfit colors in Jedi Survivor

All Commander outfit colors in Jedi Survivor

Looking mighty

The Commander Outfit colors in Jedi Survivor look great on Cal Kestis. It can be a bit of a hassle to find them in Jedi Survivor, however. Here’s where to spot them and what you need.

Commander Outfit colors in Jedi Survivor
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Commander Outfit colors in Jedi Survivor location

Before you set off to find the Commander Outfit colors in Jedi Survivor, you’ll need the ability to dash through the green force field and BD-1’s Electro Dart. Once you have both of those skills, travel to the Loading Gantry meditation point on Koboh. Look to your right, and you should see above Cal Kestis’ head a cylinder of blue energy. Get into BD-1’s view and then strike this cylinder with an Electro Dart. A door will open to the right-hand side, and you can now grapple towards it. Get up to the small room and open up the blue crate to find the Commander Outfit colors  for your pants.

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Where to get the jacket’s colors

Thankfully, the Commander Outfit colors for the jacket are easy to get. You’ll need to visit Doma’s shop in Rambler’s Reach Outpost and buy the Commander Outfit shirt for four Priorite Shards. After that, head over to the Anchorite Base meditation spot in Jedha. You’ll see a blue chest nearby. You’ll need to grab both of these Commander pieces to unlock the ability to change the color of the outfit’s shirt.

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