How to open the Derelict Dam door to fight Vashtan Wolfe in Jedi Survivor

Derelict Dam door Jedi Survivor

Hold the Door!

The Derelict Dam door to fight Vashtan Wolfe is quite a pesky task. It can take you hours upon hours to unlock the device you’ll need to battle this character. You’ll have to fight many Stormtroopers and experience much of the story to get the opportunity to fight Vashtan Wolfe.

Here’s how to open the Derelict Dam door in Jedi Survivor, and you may not like where this ends.

Where to get Electro Dart in Jedi Survivor
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The device you need to proceed

You’ll need to complete many main storylines quests to be able to activate the Vashtan Wolfe fight in Jedi Survivor. You’ll need to defeat Rayvis and partially climb the mountain to the Koboh observatory to get the device you need. During the “Confront Dagan at the Koboh Conservatory quest,” you’ll come across a broken-down Imperial ship. This is after you explore the Fogged Expanse by dashing through a green-colored electrical field and then doing some wall jumping.

As Cal Kestis explores the abandoned ship (which begins to fall as he walks around it), BD-1 finds a useful tool in the cockpit. It’s an Electro Dart. With this useful ability, you can stun enemies and most importantly, unlock switches. Once you get the Electro Dart, go to the Derelict Dam meditation spot by fast traveling. Run up the path and on your left, you’ll see a cave with Roller enemies guarding it. Push these explosive enemies away and sprint through the Derelict Dam. Turn left just before you see a blue wire flowing in the wind over a yellow foundation.

Switch near Derelict Dam Door in Jedi Survivor
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The Electro Dart doesn’t actually open the door

Unfortunately, you’ll never be able to see behind the Derelict Dam door in Jedi Survivor. However, you can proceed and defeat Vashtan Wolfe for tricking you. Go to the top right of the room by wall jumping and then hitting the blue switch with an Electro Dart from BD-1. Instead of the Derelict Dam door in Jedi Survivor, a chest behind you opens instead. Open it up, and Vashtan Wolfe will fight you for the loot he’s been wanting out of there for a long time.

This boss fight is fairly easy. His strikes with a lightsaber can be easily parried, but be careful of his wide-ranged explosives. Dodge out of the way when you see them incoming.

Vashtan Wolfe boss fight Jedi Survivor
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Blaster shots aren’t effective against Vashtan Wolfe as he dodges out of the way. Therefore, go with melee attacks to stun him and then dish out massive damage with a powerful combo. Of course, when the UI indicates red from the boss, dodge his offensive moves to the best of your ability.

Once you’ve defeated Vashtan Wolfe in Jedi Survivor, he, alas, doesn’t have keys on him to open the Derelict Dam door. What’s behind that metal might remain a mystery forever.

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