Where to find Doma’s shop and open the locked door in Jedi Survivor

All roads lead to Koboh

Roughly five hours into¬†Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you’ll start unlocking more shops to peruse and spend your hard-earned currency on. Although many of the upgrades are cosmetic, some of the items you can buy are definitely worth looking into, especially the locked door in Doma’s shop. Here’s where to find Doma and how to open that mysterious door.

Where to find Doma’s shop on Koboh

Doma’s shop is located just across the Pyloon Saloon on Koboh. There’s no confusing entrance to navigate like Zee’s Shop, as Doma is the sole proprietor of their own shop and is immediately visible after entering the front door.

Doma mostly sells cosmetic changes (like haircuts and outfits), but they also peddle a Mysterious Keycode.

What’s behind the locked door in Doma’s shop, and is the Mysterious Keycode worth it?

With extreme “what’s behind door number 1?!” energy, Doma also sells a “Mysterious Keycode” for 10 Priorite Shards (gathered on Koboh).

After purchasing the keycode you’ll be able to open the door right next to their counter, which will lead you to a small room with a stim upgrade. This allows BD-1 to enhance its healing capabilities with one more maximum “health potion.” When resting at a meditation point, you’ll replenish all of your stims to your character’s maximum count: so it’s a crucial long term upgrade you can get fairly early on.

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