Where to find Surf TM 123 in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

You won’t need to look much

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Ah, surf! The always-reliable staple since the first generation of Pokemon. Lots of folks will want to know how to find it in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, so here’s a really easy to spot location.

You can find Surf (TM123) in Levincia

Surf can be located right on the southern edge of Levincia, the electric city on the eastern coast of Paldea. You can hit this at pretty much anytime since you won’t need any major traversal abilities to get there, though you may want to wait until you’ve gotten there naturally as you take on the Levincia gym.

All you need to do is head there on your mount, turn right after the Pokecenter, and walk down one of the main roads. Stop when you get to a set of vending machines, and look over toward the beach. The TM will be sitting there next to a barrel and a set of beach chairs.

How to craft Surf (TM123), and the ingredients required

You can also craft surf yourself, provided that you have the ingredients needed, and 10K LP. To craft Surf, you’ll need:

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