How to catch Wiglett in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet and evolve it into a Wugtrio

Wiglett swim, Wiglett swim…

Wiglett is a newcomer to the Pokemon universe, compliments of generation IX: Scarlet and Violet. Thankfully, it doesn’t involve version exclusive nonsense and is fairly easy to find, once you’re five or so hours into the game.

Here’s where to find Wiglett, and how to evolve it into a Wugtrio.

How to catch Wiglett and where to find it

Although you can take your pick of any location highlighted on the map above, we recommend going right off the coast of Porto Marinada, in the northwest.

You can walk right onto the giant beach, where you’ll find Wigletts digging about in the sand. If you don’t spot any, just walk up and down the lengthy beach, and one will spawn.

Once you find it (sticking out), you’ll want to sneak up and hold the ZL button to target it: then press ZR to trigger the battle. If you walk/run/mount right up to it, it could dig back under the sand and hide. If it does that, just walk away a few feet until it pops back up, and repeat the process.

How to evolve a Wiglett into a Wugtrio

All you need to do is level your Wiglett to level 26: then level it up. It’ll evolve into a Wugtrio: mimicking the combo of Diglett and Dugtrio in the original set of games.

But this time, it’s a “garden eel!”

You can also catch Wugtrio on its own

Wugtrio can be found as an isolated Pokemon, fully evolved.

One of the most common locations for Wugtrio is in the very northern portion of Paldea: visible on the map in the gallery above.

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