Levincia gym completion guide Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Levincia gym completion guide Pokémon Scarlet & Violet 1

How to find the electric gym and fight its leader

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In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, gyms are often the easiest path to go for. It’s predictable, yields clear XP gains, and can increase the max level range of Pokemon you can use in your party. Clearing out early gyms can create huge gains that allow you to stomp all the other parts of the game.

With that in mind, here’s how to find and trounce the Levincia electric gym.

Locating the Levincia electric type gym

You can find the Levincia electric gym to the far east of the map.

It’s incredibly easy to find and access, as you won’t need any special movement abilities to get in. Even if you don’t challenge the gym, this is a medium-to-large-sized city that you can explore, and unlock fast travel to: to take it on later.

Beating the Levincia gym test

This is yet another extremely easy gym test, and I think the developers knew it: because they bookend each activity with a trainer fight. So for this one, you’ll be playing along with Iono’s streamer event, locating the academy head NPC with a magnifying glass, almost like a seek and find minigame.

All you need to do is complete this minigame three times, and you’ll unlock the ability to fight Iono at the gym itself. Note that you don’t have to go anywhere for these seek and find minigames, as the game will automatically bring you to the appropriate locations. Here is a quick overview of where each NPC can be located (as well as a full cheat sheet in the gallery above):

  • At the table on the right
  • In the middle of the Pokecenter station
  • On the far right, in a boat

Beating Iono, the grass gym leader

Iono has Pokemon that range from level 23-24, so she can be challenged fairly early into the game. Ground type Pokemon will make short work of most of Iono’s team, and you can find them in the quarry directly to the west of the gym itself.

Here are Iono’s Pokemon (note that she will terastallize her fourth):

  • Wattrel (electric)
  • Bellibolt (electric)
  • Luxio (electric)
  • Mismagius (terrastalizes into electric)

At this point we’re getting into the bigger leagues of gym battles, where trainers start to actually have a full party. As a result, you’ll want at least two ground Pokemon/Pokemon that are effective against electric types, just in case Mismagius knocks your star player out.

After finishing off Mismagius, you’ll be granted TM048: Volt Switch.

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