What is your current take on the state of amiibo?

Are you out, or still in?

Wave 4 is over, collectors! Robin and Lucina have been fully confirmed as unicorn figures, making them near impossible to find. Peppered in there are some rarer exclusives like Jigglypuff (Target) and Ness (GameStop), and the rumor is that Target will have another US exclusive next wave. While we’ve all shared our opinions on amiibo in the past, I want everyone to lay it all out on the table. If you’ve “sworn off” amiibo but still collect them in secret, vote in this anonymous poll and let your shame be recorded (secretly).

Personally, I’m still aiming to “get them all,” but I’ve severely cut back on the actual hunt. Outside of my obligations to readers, I don’t really make that much of an effort to go out and hunt for figures anymore. For instance, I went to the GameStop Wave 4 pre-order session to report, but it’s also because I had nothing else going on at the moment. I didn’t even go out the morning of Wave 4.

I’ve always said that I won’t hunt when it stops being fun, and Wave 4 was definitely not fun. Let us know how you stand below!

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