What is the House Chest reward in Hogwarts Legacy?

And is it worth it?

While many of the quests in¬†Hogwarts Legacy will advance the story, teach you new spells, or at least give some useful rewards, the Daedalian Keys side quest does none of these things. When you begin this innocent side quest, the request seems so easy: go to the Astronomy Tower and follow the flying key to its chest. Then report back with whatever you find. It turns out the House Token you gain is just one of sixteen that you need to open a special House Chest! So what’s in the chest that forces you to scour the castle over the course of several main and side quests?

The Daedalian Keys

To be fair, you aren’t meant to try to hunt down each key right away. In fact, you can’t. The keys will pop up after other quests bring you to different parts of the castle. Two keys can’t even be found until you learn Alohamora. Following the keys back to their chests and then “slapping” them into place will reveal one House Token each.

Once you have all sixteen, you can head back to your Common Room to place them in the House Chest. It turns out that you could be doing this gradually though. Instead of all of the tokens flying in at once, I had to place one token at a time. During this entire journey, my thought was that this better be cool.

It’s a…robe?

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My initial reaction was to be disappointed. The chest gives you the [House] Relic House Uniform appearance. It is not actually an item that adds any stats or that can be sold for hundreds of gold. It’s just a cosmetic robe. After completing the quest by returning to Nellie, I at least tried it on outside of the gear menu.

The way it flapped in the wind caught me first. I kept it on for a bit longer. Then I saw how it shimmered in the sun, and I’ve been so hooked ever since. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I absolutely love it. It may be the longest I’ve stuck to one outfit in this game.

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While you may not need to make this side quest your priority, I’m not disappointed in the prize anymore. Visit the complete list of main quests in Hogwarts Legacy to see where you are in the storyline, or to see which quests to prioritize. You can get your shiny new robe anytime after learning Alohamora. If you’re trying to catch them all though, here’s how to get all four House-specific achievements/trophies fast.

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