How to get all four house-specific achievements/trophies in Hogwarts Legacy fast

The sometimes reliable auto-save feature will help

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Hogwarts Legacy is one of many AAA games that utilizes the auto-save feature, which can be both a boon or a burden, depending on how it’s actually implemented. Thankfully for Hogwarts players, you can use that system to your advantage to quickly skip the intro and farm all four house-exclusive achievements/trophies fast. Everyone will inherently trigger one of the house-exclusive achievements/trophies with their first playthrough: but if you want them all, you want to save as much time as you can.

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What are the house-exclusive achievements/trophies in Hogwarts Legacy?

Each house has a special achievement/trophy that can only be earned by clearing a part in the story with that house.

We have a full guide on what those breakdowns are here, and these are the names of all four:

  • The Auror’s Apprentice – Find the Map Chamber as a Hufflepuff
  • The Toast of the Town – Find the Map Chamber as a Slytherin
  • The Gryffindor in the Graveyard – Find the Map Chamber as a Gryffindor
  • The Wise Owl – Find the Map Chamber as a Ravenclaw
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Start a new game and finish the roughly 30 minute intro

If you’re aiming to farm these achievements/trophies from a fresh file, you’ll want to create a new character (Hogwarts Legacy can accommodate unique save files for each character: new avatars will simply appear below your current one when booting up the game).

From there, run through the intro of the game, which begins with the player character taking to the skies with Professor Fig, and ends with an owl flying toward Hogwarts in a cutscene (pictured above). It’ll take you roughly 30 minutes to complete, though you can skip any cutscenes you wish if this is your second run.

At the end of the intro you’ll be interacting with the Sorting Hat and will choose a house. Make any choice you haven’t made before (so you can complete a new achievement/trophy), and prepare to pause the game and load a prior auto-save.

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After you reach the part in the story where you’re sorted into a house, use the auto-save feature

Immediately after waking up in your common room, manually save the game to keep this run of this specific house active. Then, go back to the options menu and load your game: choosing the auto-save file that is several minutes before your current manual save.

The auto-save will take you back to the beginning of the sorting ceremony (where it’s not possible to manually save). Simply choose a new house, wake up in the common room, and manually save. Rinse and repeat to get the third file (and presumably fourth and final house).

You should move quickly here. Lingering for too long can refresh the auto-saves, preventing you from creating a second or third extra file. Another potential snafu is that with more saves in the mix, the last auto-save could occur after you’ve chosen your house: making this intro-skipping tactic moot. Depending on how the auto-save system shakes out, you may need to do another intro run.

How long does it take to get every Hogwarts Legacy house quest achievement/trophy?

To pop the achievement/trophy, you’ll need to get all the way to the Map Chamber, per save file. From here on out, it’ll take you about one and a half to two hours per character (a little less if you’re speedrunning) to clear the house achievements. Budget your time accordingly!

Note that to actually fully trigger the achievement/trophy, you’ll need to enter the Map Chamber in the main story. That takes place at the end of the Jackdaw’s Rest quest, and it’s at the point where the player unlocks talents. As soon as you open up the talent menu in the tutorial, the achievement/trophy will appear.

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