Very Quick Tips: The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D

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Majora’s Mask may have problems, but the three-day cycle concept is not one of them. While some people didn’t like the fact that they had to “start all over” after the cycle repeated, that’s not really the case.

You get to keep all your key items, you can store your Rupees in a bank and get them back right away, and there’s an easy method to ensuring that you have all the time you need for dungeons.

Let’s take a look.

General tips:

  • You can play the Song of Double Time (YY LL RR) and the Inverted Song of Time (RL YR LY) as soon as you get the Ocarina near the beginning. The former has been vastly improved for Ocarina 3D — it now goes to an exact hour in time, which is amazing for precision quests. The latter can be played to slow down time, and should basically be done at all times as soon as you reset the three-day cycle. If you want to reset the clock to normal, just replay it or better yet, skip ahead with Double Time.
  • Once you understand how Majora flows the game becomes much easier. The cycle of operations should proceed as follows — sidequest, unlock the dungeon, sidequests, reset time, dungeon. The key here is that last bit. If you reset time right after you discover a dungeon and unlock the Owl Statue, and then immediately play the Inverted Song of Time to slow down the clock, you’ll have no trouble completing a dungeon without the clock running out.
  • The Bunny Hood is arguably one of the best items in the entire game. It allows you to run super fast, which is useful for clearing some big gaps to earn hidden treasure and dodge baddies in boss fights or general dungeon use. To get it, you have to get the Bremen Mask first. Go find Guru-Guru (the music box guy) in the Laundry Pool in Clock Town on the night of the first or second day.

    Then go to Romani Ranch on the third day (or clear the rock yourself once you unlock the Goron form). Head to the back to Cucco Shack, equip the Bremen Mask, and hold down the action button until you collect every chick in the area. You will then be gifted the Bunny Hood.

  • The Razor sword upgrade is another must-have item. Kill Goht, the second boss on the first day. Don’t worry about doing this on your first run — after you defeat him the first time, you can just restart time, go back to the dungeon, and immediately warp to Goht at the entrance. Head to the hut right next to the core area Owl Statue, and trade your sword over to the blacksmith for an upgrade after unfreezing his equipment.

    Go pick up a Powder Keg in Goron Village proper from the cave, head out of the area, and run up the hill to the right. Blow up that rock, compete in the race to earn a bottle with Gold Dust, and use that to upgrade your sword a second time. You can do this process in any order you want, you just need a full day to upgrade your sword each time, so it must be started on the first day.

  • If you’re having trouble clearing gaps, use the Bunny Hood or Zora form, or just roll-jump off cliffs for a hidden long jump.
  • Anytime you see a character say “heal,” or “soul,” or something that alludes to that, play the Song of Healing to set them straight.
  • If you’re worried about your Rupees, always wait until the last minute when you want to reset time, use the Song of Soaring to head back to Clock Town, and deposit them at the cart right next to the Owl Statue.
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