Very Quick Tips: Regular Show: 8-Bit Land 3DS


Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-Bit Land isn’t the best platformer around, but it’s a good way to scratch that retro itch many of you may be having. Like most old school titles, 8-Bit Land is one of those games where you’ll have to work to figure everything out, but once you do, it all just clicks.

This should help ease you into that process.

General tips:

  • Mordecai can use a delayed double jump to his advantage. What I mean by that is you can use your initial jump, then land on an enemy for a boost, then jump again. Or conversely, he can cancel out of a morph power with the L or R button, then jump right after. You’ll need to use this to grab a few of the golden tapes hidden throughout the game.
  • In addition to using the above trick, you can also run with Rigby, jump, then switch to Mordecai and double jump. You can also hold the run button mid-air to “fall” farther. Try it! It’s amazing.
  • Money earns you lives in increments of $100 just like coins do in Mario, so grab all the cash you can. Losing all your lives doesn’t really matter that much as you can just restart the stage over again, but keeping your lives topped off works great for hugging checkpoints.
  • Don’t be afraid to spend money on the mini-game after each level. Your cash caps at $999, and after the first world, money flows like Dune‘s spice. You’ll want to spend cash on all three chance slots after world one.
  • In the chance game, holes tend to be right next to each other, so spread your coins out — I usually put one on the far left, one on the far right, and one in the middle.

Boss tips:

  • You’ll have to kill the first boss by jumping on his head. To do that, switch to Mordecai, stand in the middle of the screen, then jump away from him as his beam hits the ground.

    It’ll create a raised platform — use that to jump in the middle of his head. Then, immediately switch to Rigby and sneak under him to avoid most of the projectiles. Rinse and repeat.

  • For the second boss, switch to the ship right away and blast up his torso. If you’re fast enough, you can blow up the rockets as they launch. Once his torso is damaged, the hats will come off the bird heads — now, you’ll have to jump on them.

    Wait until a head shoots a beam attack, then strike. If the boss has his arms up, he’s impervious to damage — wait until he stops running, then strike immediately, as your window is only a few seconds.

  • For the third boss, you can’t damage him with the top-down morph, so don’t even try. Use the morph to stick to the ceiling though, and wait until the trampolines are angled towards him — then drop a piece of furniture on him to deal damage.

    Note that you can shoot all the beams he summons however, so always try to have your gun blazing and aim away from the boss to hit his projectiles.

  • The final boss is a bit tricky. Wait until he shoots, then leap on his head and stay there to multi-jump him to death instantly. If you’re really fast, you can run and jump on his head right away

    In phase two, you’ll want to lead his floating head like a bull into a corner, then avoid him by flying above or below him, and go to the other side of the screen — rinse and repeat.

    For phase three, switch to Mordecai right away, and jump on the boss — then, slowly move from left to right in the air until you multi-jump him to death. Use your double-jump sparingly to get into an opposite corner and get your bearings.

    Phase four is easy, and is also a new checkpoint. Just don’t corner yourself, and treat it just like phase two. Here’s a trick for this part — when he starts using the vacuum ability, switch back to Mordecai, then jump on his head. Switch back to the ship and blast him, then jump on his head again to start an infinite vacuum loop.

    In phase five, immediately start as the top-down morph and start blasting his head, but switch to his hands if you have enough room. If he launches his fists too close to your side of the screen it’s hard to avoid them, so switch back to Mordecai, run to the other side, then repeat the process of blasting him. In area, it’s easy to forget that you can switch back outside of the morph ability, but that’s the key to victory.

    Phase six is also easy with another trick. At the start, simply jump on his head, then double-jump to escape to the far left or right side of the screen. Wait for him to fall, then repeat the process until he’s dead. Congratulations on beating the game!

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