Two awesome posters, one awesome post

[Update] You can buy the Left 4 Dead poster! Joy! Head here.

[Original Story] We’ve come across two really cool gaming posters so I’ve decided to cram them into one post despite the fact that they really have nothing to do with each other.

The first one actually came to us this Wednesday, and everyone at the Destructoid office agreed it was well deserving of a post, but we were kind of swamped with E3 epicness at the time. The poster is for a mythical Left 4 Dead movie, and it is brilliantly well done. Artist Alex Griendling put the poster together for fun, and I now want him to make every poster for every movie ever. It’s just win.

The second poster is seriously cool. It’s the code for beating Super Mario Bros. 3 in 11 minutes and has an awesome retro styling. We’ve all seen the videos and wondered how they did that, but now you know. So all you have to do now is memorize the poster, get the timing right and break the world record. I expect all of you to have it done by this afternoon. Don’t disappoint me.

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