Turn 10 will be slowly removing prize crates from Forza 7

No paid tokens for 7 or Horizon 4

In a move that is starting to become a trend in the triple-A games industry, Turn 10 has announced that Forza Motorsport 7 will be slowly removing prize crates from the experience. If you’ll remember from my review, this was the single biggest complaint I had about the entire ordeal. I felt the balance of credits awarded versus the randomized nature of prize crates turned the campaign mode into a slog and basically blocked people from driving the cars they wanted within a reasonable timeframe.

To its credit, Turn 10 never introduced microtransactions to pay for these crates, but I’d still be happier with them being completely gone. There wasn’t much reason for them in the first place and their inclusion was more detrimental than anything. Turn 10 has stated that it should be finished with process around Winter time, though you can already unlock around 100 items that were previously exclusive to prize crates (including driver gear and some cars). All prize crates that still exist should offer no competitive advantage.

In another great bit of news, Turn 10 has also announced that the paid token system from earlier Forza titles will not be making its way to Forza 7 or the upcoming Forza Horizon 4. I will admit that I haven’t really dug into the Horizon series (I’m not a big fan of the open-world design), but I do remember seeing these in Forza 6 and was wondering what the hell was going on. It felt odd paying real money for digital cars that you could only use in that single game.

At any rate, I’m definitely happy that Turn 10 has listened to feedback. I really do enjoy the Forza Motorsport series and I was saddened by how invasive the prize crates felt. Hopefully, now, I can return to the game and actually finish off the career mode. I could only take so much of Spa before I had to stop.

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Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.