This Witcher 3 figure straight up looks like Christopher Lee


Online retailer Jinx is getting into the Witcher 3 toy race, and its first figure is based on Geralt. Except…this thing looks less like Geralt, and more like a Clone Wars cartoon scan of Christopher Lee’s Count Dooku.

I’m not even remotely excited for this toy as much as I wanted to rant about how awesome Christopher Lee was. While he passed away last June, he’ll always be remembered as one of the best character actors of all time, with a decades-long career playing iconic villains. Lee was also a hardcore metal enthusiast, and worked with multiple groups, including Rhapsody of Fire, Manowar, even developing his own side projects.

By all counts the dude was a badass, and worked all the way into his 90s. Now he lives on vicariously in toy form.

The Witcher [Jinx via Game Informer]

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