This Week in the Community: Forum Adventures

[This Week in the Community is your weekly look at some of the best Community related work that has come from the Community Blogs and Forums.]

This week’s gaming setup of awesome belongs to SirDregan. Videogames are spread all over the walls and there’s even this awesome Destructoid octopus thingy all up on SirDregan’s wall. So rad! Check out SirDregan’s Community Blog for more pictures of his setup.

A bunch of Dtoid City Groups have some things planned, Puppy Licks is traveling the world still, Gobun has on a big Forum Adventure, Steamtoid hits over 1500 members, Dale North sucks and more awesome happened in the community over the last couple of weeks.

CaptainBus’s comments of the week VI, VII and VIII.

Something odd and arousing happens in this blog by Super Drybones.

Destructoid was all over WonderCon 2010 like a fat kid on carrots as he’s trying to lose weight because he wants to fit into hipster pants.

It’s always cool when we get quoted.

Shadowiii won some Deadly Premonition goodness.

DtoidAustin is still kicking and screaming!

Puppy Licks shared some more photos of his trip from around the world. Check out all of his photos from his Hong Kong adventure and Los Angeles!

DtoidLosAngeles now has a Facebook group! Yay!

Happy birthday wishes to Genki-JAM, Oh, god.

Justice won the FUCK out of the Capcom Europe swag contest.

Gobun’s Forum Adventures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Director’s cut. The final cut. The truth. And then this happened. Also this. Discuss.

DtoidEurope redesigned the epic central NARP location known as Teh Lair.

Steamtoid has hit over 1500 members! YAY!

Sega Addicts podcast episode 5 and episode 6!

Touya draws something Podtoid related.

DtoidBaltimoreDC has a NARP going down next weekend. Get all the details on the blog post!

I got F-K’d in the coffee. Oh snap.

SenorDoucheoisie made some WarioWare DIY mini-games based on Community members over in the Forums.

Some super awesome artwork by the one and only GrumpyTurtle.

321gocast episode 14!

Dale North is a giant dick.

DtoidAustralia has a ton going for it in the month of April. Check out the full schedule!

DtoidUK is in the middle of Mikey Con as you read this. You totally missed out.

Here’s what DtoidNewYork has planned for NARPs and such.

A little art from o-b-c.

Evil and corruption hit the Forums. Unfortunately for me, nothing can withstand the might of mom.

Dtoid Penn wants to party in April.

Say hello to DtoidMidwest, a collection of midwest based Dtoiders. Be sure to check out the Facebook group while you’re at it.

A tale of Double Downing the new Double Down.

mrandydixon’s daughter will kick your ass.

The last episode of Failcast is here. So long, space cowboys.

EightBitRob had a little videogame inspired wedding cake.

Beyamor made some adorable Kirby power-up avatar drawings.

It’s time to get ready for the next PAX! Join up now!

What are your favorite memories of Destructoid? Tell us! NOW! Here’s some from Takeshi.

Grimspoon made a Day of the Tentacle cake.

TheToiletDuck dreams of Xzyliac.

Animucast episode 9!

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