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DToid Meetup, WonderCon 2010

Like many other Bay Area-ers, I attended WonderCon 2010 this weekend. I couldn't make it out on Friday, since I had work, but made it out relatively early for Saturday at around noon. We wandered the expo floor for a bit, and I got my first bit of play on Dante's Inferno and Dead Rising 2 - both looked and played fantastically.

Then I saw this.

It was super cool to run into the crew before the official meetup - I tried to get an impromptu group photo off as well.

I followed the crew around for a bit - it was great getting a chance to chat with Chris, Scion and everyone, and watching Niero's antics as Mr. Destructoid. It seemed like a 50/50 split between "Whoa, hey, it's Mr. Destructoid!" and "Who's that? I wanna picture!" Either way, it was pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, I had a small conflicting meetup at 3 with some of my friends (under the moniker of Con Crashers), so I had to ditch out right after running into Husky for 15min or so. I did, however, catch the end of the meetup, and got the opportunity to do a quick group photo. Yay for Escalade camera mounts!

After that, Hamza et al headed off for burgers, and the rest of the group went their separate ways. Alas, I'm on a strict-as-hell diet at the moment, so restaurants are a no-go. Also had some other friends to run into at Christopher Nolan's preview panel. I was hoping I'd run into some DToiders again at some point, but it didn't really happen.

Regardless, WonderCon was a blast, and it was great seeing everyone there! Hope y'all had as much fun as I did!

See the rest of the photos and download full-size versions from my Picasa gallery!
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