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Forum Adventure: After Hours Edition


Oh, hello there fine Destructoid community. With the recent shenanigans of Forum Adventures going on and whatnot, I thought it was my privilege.. no.. my DUTY to write the obligatory erotic fan-fic. Now, some of you are saying.. "UNCLE S, HOW CAN SOMETHING SO BLATANTLY HOMOEROTIC BE EVEN MORE EROTIC?" Well it's simple my good man, just add a lot more dongs and sexual innuendo. How do exactly do Gyrael and Gobun meet? How does Gobun exactly find the Destructoid forums? Some of these questions will be somewhat, kind of not really answered in this brief look at..


Enjoy Dtoid community.

Gobun came in from the rain. Cold, wet, and hungry he desperately needed a place to stay. Out of the darkness he saw a lone fourm that accepted anyone: Destructoid. His engery spent, Gobun walked to the front door of the forums with a slight limp. Afraid of not being accepted he cautiously opened the door. "Please.. please let this place be for me this time.." he quietly said to himself. With his head down, Gobun walked into the forums. Within minutes of entering the Destructoid fourms, he was greated warmly by fellow members. His head slowly raised and a slight smile started to show through. The first to greet him was a man with long, flowing blonde hair. The slender, muscular man casually put out his hand. "Hey man, my name's Jonathan Ross!" he said with an attractive smile. "..but you can call me J-Ro!" Gobun was automatically taken in by "J-Ro's" charm. "Ni.. nice to meet you Mr. Ro.. I mean J-Bro" as Gobun said quietly while he shook J-Ro's hand. "Hey, bro let me show you around this place!" J-Ro said in a calm and cool matter. As the two walked down the hall, J-Ro hurried a little. This gave Gobun the perfect opportunity to check out J-Ro from behind. "OH MY GOD, THAT ASS!" Gobun muttered to himself. "What was that bro?" J-Ro said curiously. "Oh uh.. nothing.. so uh what's this place all about
anyway?" Gobun quickly said to change the subject. "Well, see bro this place is for hardcore games such as myself... you're a hardcore gamer aren't you bro?" J-Ro calmly stated. "Why.. yeah of course I am!" Gobun knew that was a lie. Oh sure he played his brother's SNES and Genesis, but he wasn't interested in those kinds of games. "Haha, well that's good, bro." J-Ro was starting to like the cut of this kid's jib.

After a short while, J-Ro and Gobun ran into a forum regulars redpepperofdoom and ZombiePlatypus. "OH! Glad I could meet you two. This here is our newest member of our fine community!" J-Ro said with excitement. Gobun curiously eyed both gentlemen, and thought to himself "Oh my.. this place is going to be fun!" redpepperofdoom and ZombiePlatypus cautiously looked at each other before turning a warm gaze to Gobun, who was now slightly embarassed at the two beautiful men devouring him with their eyes. "Very nice to meet you!" redpepperofdoom shyly said. "Oh, I think we will very much have fun with you bro." ZombiePlatypus has more sinister intentions, but he did not want to let Gobun on. "Oh hey, let me show you the other regulars around here!" J-Ro interrupted before the three men could get any further. Depressed, the three men said their goodbyes in hopes of seeing each other around. A short time later, two handsome gentlemen approached Gobun. Shocked at seeing two handsome men randomly approach him, Gobun smiled timidly. "BROS!" J-Ro shouted as he playfully wrestled with the handsome men "These two fine male specimens are HeroesPlayDumb and SenorDoucheoisie!" Gobun yet again thanked whatever Gods that placed him in this incredible predicament. When he thought things couldn't get even better a very attractive man with a goatee and short black hair appraoched the group. "Hi there!" the man grabbed Gobun by the hand and softly kissed it "My name is gatorsax2010!" Gobun knew that he was going to have some fun with gatorsax2010, as a matter of fact he knew that he was going to be spending plenty of time with the fine community of Destructoid.

Everything seemed perfect.. until he met.. him.

One day while talking to the fine moderators Mxyzptlk and ZodiacEclipse, a beautiful brown-haired young man slowly walked past the group. Anxious to meet a new "play" friend, Gobun mustered up enough courage to talk to the man. "HELLO! MY NAME IS GOBUN IT IS A PLEASURE TO MEET YOU!" Gobun said with such enthuasium. "My name's Gyrael and you can fuck off!" Gobun immediately froze in terror. "What.. what do you mean..?" Gobun said with some terror to his voice. "I SAID LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONG OR I WILL FUCK YOU UP UNDERSTAND BRO?!" Gobun was heartbroken... he just wanted to make a new friend and all of a sudden this prick hurt his feelings. With tears in his eyes, he ran to his room. "WHY OH WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO ME!!" Gobun started to cry softly, but the weirdest thing started to happen. Instead of feeling depressed and sorry for himself... he actually.. well he actually felt excited! "What is happening to my body?!" Gobun said confused. Instead of the bitterness and respent that once consumed him, sexual desire now formed in his loins. He wanted.. no he NEEDED to be inside Gyrael. He wanted to tell Gyrael how he felt, but the words.. they weren't there. Instead of using words, he thought of a brilliant way to show the world his lust and desire for Gyrael... he decided to draw comics. "He must understand how I feel after I draw these beautiful pictures of him!" With hope and determination in his eyes, Gobun slowly picked up a pen and pencil and began to draw on a blank sheet of white paper...


Well, if you read it this far I congratulate you. As you can see, I have far too much damn time on my hands, especially at 2 am in the morning. At any rate, I hope you got as many boners reading it as I did typing it up and realizing how depressing my life is as I resort to writing fan-fic.
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