This Week in the Community: FIREGOD!

Y0j1mb0 has shown us all what a real gaming setup should look like. If you don’t have a setup like this in your bathroom, then you are no true gamer. It makes sense, really. I mean, all you’re doing is sitting there on your toilet pooping. You should be multitasking! Check out Y0j1mb0’s bathroom setup here and his living room setup here.

Mikey is back with his awesome, DtoidNewEngland is here, the DtoidBaltimoreDC NARP is almost here, bushofghosts made some awesome animated Dtoid heads, pendelton21 needs your help with the Destructoid tattoo and plenty more happened this past week in the Community.

Ten things you didn’t know about Magnalon.

Zanyruki made an iPhone game that features Mr. Destructoid’s face. Neat!

Half left gives us a shitty guide to how he captures gameplay video. 

CactarCrush and power-glove attended a Nintendo event up in New York for Rhythm Heaven. Check out power-glove rocking them turn tables!

Here’s an early look at a piece Togail is working on featuring Mario and Yoshi. 

Todd Umbarger swung by and showed us this Blanka image he made for a Street Fighte IV related contest. 

Nine things you didn’t know about DRMaster. 

Introducing DtoidNewEngland! Hit up DtoidNewEngland if you wanted to get together with other Dtoiders in the area. 

Ten things you didn’t know about Ckarasu. 

Mikey is finally back and drawing more awesome! This time he draws Wilbo as the Fire God and this awesome Ratchet and Clank meets Back to the Future piece. He even made SilverDragon1979 a new banner

The DtoidBaltimoreDC NARP is taking place May 1 through May 3. People from as far as Mexico are coming out and it’s Topher’s birthday during the NARP too!

eternalplayer2345 almost died in a car accident this past week. Thankfully, he survived with no serious injuries. 

Scientist tz wants to open up a videogame themed burger pub. That sounds like an excellent idea to me. 

GrumypyTurtle shows us his latest batch of colored art.

bushofghosts made some awesome animated little Dtoid heads.

FAILCAST episode 34 with guest Asian Joe.

chronoswing found so much win at his local Goodwill store. Marvel vs Capcom 2 on the Dreamcast for $4?! Amazing!

pendelton21 wants to get a Destructoid tattoo at PAX and he’s looking for submissions. Submit a tattoo that Pendelton21 should get!

Highlights end this week with Dyson his new special game trading section over on the Forums

Happy birthday wishes go out to Qalamari, Sheir, Kiranio, Captain Capslock, Dudemullet, Robpoke, and Miyuko.

Hamza Aziz