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A REAL GAMER's Game Setup.

It seems that displaying your gaming set up on Destructoid hasn't lost any of its luster, as we still have plenty of community members new & old who will occasionally post them for all to see. I must say that even I find such posts highly entertaining, yet every time I see one of these so called gaming set ups I find myself looking for a member to step up to the plate and post their other gaming set up. The true one that they probably use more than what they show to the public. Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I took it upon myself to lift the veil of secrecy and show you what a real gamer's game set up actually looks like. One not staged nor afraid to walk into the light of public scrutiny.

Behold my fellow colleagues. My Real Gaming Set up.

As is customary here I shall try to bedazzle you by walking you through it, item by item. Let us begin. Numbers please.

If you haven't deduced by now that my set up resides in my bathroom, you have issues that cannot be resolved. That said, those expecting a glorious HDTV set, a plethora of anime figures providing fan service, walls of DVD/Blu-rays, and multiple game consoles of prior generations that aren't even used but are there for displaying retro cred, will be in for disappointment as you will see none of those distractions here.

I've taken a more minimalistic approach that substitutes function as well as comfort over style. With that as my prerequisite I shall begin tackling the first three things.

1. To the naked eye that decorative can is just that. A plain old can but it's not there for its outward appearance but for what it does. Residing inside is a mixture of scented potpourri to help curb or stamp out any aggressive odors that may assault the senses in those times of stubborn extended plays.

2. A few games. Not a whole slew mind you but just enough to give you the illusion of choice when really the two or three displayed there are perfectly staged to be there because of their status of not being complete/beaten. As they are completed, create a rotation, adding yet more games to engage and vanquish that backlog.

3. Toiletries. Basic toiletries. This is after all a bathroom. Assorted lotions, lubricants and such should be there. Let's not forget bath soap shaped like roses or balls that evaporate in hot water. Why? Who knows? I hear chicks dig that... as well as lubricant.

4. A functioning clean toilet. I cannot stress how important this is. Make sure if you intend to have a corner piece of a set up like this, that your porcelain altar is pristine.

5. Bathroom tissue/Toilet paper. If I gotta explain what this is used for then what you are supposed to wipe is a dumb one.

6. Every set up such as this should have gaming periodicals at the ready and or game instruction manuals. These things were made to be perused here. Oblige fate and fulfill this preordained tradition.

7. A plant of some kind. Nothing says being "green" as a plant. As long as that's there I can say I'm doing my part and technically not have an ounce of guilt as I pollute, overuse energy, and leave a carbon trail from my multiple vehicles that could be seen in the next state.

8. My gaming consoles themselves. My babies. Notice I don't have a truckload of them. Or ones from prior generations as that would be stupid. Real gamers discard or trade their old consoles for the newer ones. I mean why am I going to play the Gameboy when I can play the DS, savvy? But if you're one of those kinds who want that cred, by all means leave a few old ones laying about with maybe a classic game here or there as well. You're bound to impress someone.

Notice that I honered the tried and true tradition of actually picturing my DSs open. I don't have a clue why this is done but hey you can't call me a wet blanket for not following the established. For the curious I have two DSs, one pink with Advance Wars in it, the other black with Mario Kart ( for when the mood strikes me to beat my lap records ), and my PSP slim which currently has Resistance:Retribution, among assorted anime torrents and select porn.

And finally...

9. A comfortable seat. Not all toilet seats are created equal and if you think so, you've been severely neglecting your arse.
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