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My Pathetic Set-Up / Part 1 of 2 ( Guest Starring: A Fellow Dtoider )

So I'm playing Call of Duty 4 last night and I thought: You know, I should take a few pictures of my TV in the den while playing a few games. I've been hesitant to take some pictures because my den is my abode..which usually means I shoo my wife away most of the time and in so doing the cleaning falls on your truly. I have a tendency of not thoroughly cleaning too much and that trend continues still.

It's nothing too special, a 42' LCD, hooked up to an old ass stereo my wife purchased for me alot of years ago. This TV with the PS3 and Xbox 360 sit in an even older entertainment center that I ripped apart and really just needs to be replaced as it's falling apart. Funny thing is I have a really nice one I can put all this stuff in, in my shed but haven't done so. Too busy playing games, writing blogs and working.

Anyway here are a few pics, I'll probably post some more, when it's adequately presentable, of the wall opposite of what you see here with my computer rig and the walls of DVDs, Blu rays, ( my pride and joy ) and Wii with my other set up. But for now here are some dimly lit pics of me playing COD4 and having a chat from a fellow Dtoider from Holland.

That would be my view when I'm trying to kick someone's ass in a game.

There's my Xbox360..with note to self. If your curious what it says...

After seeing this fellow Dtoiders crib, I didn't feel that bad about my mess.

Take a wild guess who this chap is?? Nice hat.

Here's a hint..he sucks at Unreal Tournament 3 and gets owned by Sadistic ruthlessly.

Here's one more before I tell ya who he is..

Well if you haven't figured out who this dude is from Holland, that chain smokes Lucky Strikes, like a chimney..it's Takeshi.

One quick thing about chatting with the New Playstation Eye, it was pretty fucking seamless, with the quality looking very good. I mean Homeboy lives way across the pond, and the video and sound were crystal. I'm dying to chat with 6 Dtoiders at the same time just to see how that does.

Anyway that's it for me..I'll be posting up more soon in daylight when my part of the house is more presentable..I think I'll see about bribing my 13 yr old son with a game, to clean up for me.
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