This Week in the Community: Custom metal guitar of doom

Today’s gaming setup belongs to zombiekiller13. He has a ton of games, a nice retro collection and plenty of figures too. He has a lot of rare games too, especially on the PlayStation One. Check out zombiekiller13’s C Blog for more pictures of his setup.

Danzflor wants to start up a new Community podcast, Entrager showed off his next “game”, TheWaffleKing made a sick custom guitar controller, DtoidOrlando is having a party next month and more happened within the Community this past week.

Matthew Blake has been drawing some stuff. He’s also making custom sleeves like this one for Psychonauts.

SilverDragon1979 got some sweet swag!

Backwards Compatible: episode 20.

Drel’s mom seems to be doing good. Great news!

Failcast episode 45 with guest Pangloss and episode 46 with guest Krow.

Danzflor wants to start a new community podcast for the Spanish speaking folks. Who’s down?

Tattoojoe3rd went to Chicago Comic-Con and got some nice photos!

Justice got a bunch of swag! 

SuitcoatAvenger drew you up some Batman and Joker.

Bilar made some videogame themed pixelblocks figure. 

Drunkcast episode 4 with guest Pheonix_Blood.

Entrager’s next XNA game is a … screensaver. Ummmmmmm!

TheWaffleKing made this really awesome custom Guitar controller mod. METAL!

DtoidFlorida has now become DtoidOrlando. On September 12, there’s going to be a BBQ over at Nademagnets. 

Here’s what Anthony is looking to put on the DVD for HAWP.

ekoala2002 made some amazing custom Mega Man figures. Mega Man wouldn’t stand a chance against these robots.

Zombutler and Electro Lemon are talking about things. 

Ethan 8bit made some drawings!

GamingGoddess gave us an update on her project. 

Vonneuton came back and showed off something he’s working on. Neat!

Yeah, I think Ascythopicism may win the Pangya contest.

Hey! Bleep says watch this. You should watch it. RIGHT NOW!

BulletMagnet’s latest Obscurer Tribune is freaking huge

Avalon51 drew this!

Highlights end with a transcript of a conversation the Dtoid staff had with Jack Thompson. 

Happy birthday wishes to Gibbo, The Young Scot, KyleGamgee, Fusion, Gregory Hall and Ali D.

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