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Dr. Wily, Gutsman, and Metal Man Custom Figures


I always wondered why Dr. Wily never created an awesome Robot suit to kick Megaman's butt. Here is what I imagined a Dr. Wily mech would look like. I tried to stay true to Dr. Wily's style by using a skull on the front and a bubble top for him to look down on things.

I also made Gutsman and Metalman. I made these look a little more industrial because they were working robots that were reprogrammed to be evil, or so the plot of Megaman 1 says.

I tried to keep the color schemes really close to the original, but I did change some things, especially on Metalman.

If you would like to see more pics, check out My Flickr Page to see more. And as always, constructive criticism is always welcome.

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