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Of videogame sequels to classic movies (also, HAWP DVD details)


I wrote an article about videogame sequels to movies that often equal their source material (The Warriors, Tron 2.0, etc). It's here.

After next week's HAWP season finale, I'm gonna start working on a season DVD. For no particular reason, I will now include the potential features and my to-do list regarding it. If you've got anything in particular you want to see on the DVD that I haven't listed, lemme know.

As of now, I want the DVD to include:
- Commentary by Ash and I on every episode
- One or two horrendous episodes that we shot that we will never, ever air because they're horrendous
- Outtakes
- A video of our PAX panel
- An interview with Papa B

Which means I need to:
- Learn how to use a DVD authoring program
- Rope Davis into helping me design a visually appealing (read: not-hideous) set of menus
- Decide on DVD sleeve art (maybe through a photoshop contest?)
- Probably distribute it on CreateSpace or something

- -Anthony

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