These new Pokemon Sun & Moon forms are freaking me out

Exeggutor, what happened?

Pokemon Sun & Moon looks wackier every time some new bit of info drops.

Ok, I get “long neck” Exeggutor, but then it starts getting confusing. Ice Vulpix and Sandshrew! What kind of madness is this in a tropical climate? Oh, and that isn’t even including Oricorio, which seems to be the “Eevee” of Sun & Moon, with unique “styles” for each island, and “Minior,” who is one giant dust ball…thing.

And there’s Mudbray, Gumshoos and Lurantis, evolutions for previously announced new Pokemon, plus minor footage of the riding system, and the “trial” mechanic. That’s not even including “Z-Moves,” which every type of Pokemon now has.

Between this and the “post level 100” upgrade system, it might be the deepest game yet.

Chris Carter
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