There’s a new Project CARS but it’s for mobile devices

Keep your racing wheels in the closet for this one

Project CARS hangs its hat on being a faithful simulation of racing across all types of vehicles and conditions. The next installment probably won’t aspire to reach those heights simply because of its platform.

The third Project CARS game is in development, but it’s something of a spinoff. Rather than releasing on PC and consoles, this title is being made for mobile devices. It’s called Project CARS GO and it’s being made by mobile developer Gamevil’s US team; Slightly Mad Studios, the team behind the core Project CARS games, is involved too, probably in some sort of an advisory role.

The details surrounding the announcement are sparse. We don’t know if this is in development for iOS and Android or when Project CARS GO plans to launch. We’ve reached out to a representative with these questions. We’ll update this article if/when we receive a response.

Brett Makedonski
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