The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition launches later this year on PlayStation

The Tomorrow Children Phoenix Edition

Tomorrow comes for those who wait

The surreal community survival experience The Tomorrow Children returns to PlayStation later this year. Q-Games will launch The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition for PS4 and PS5 in 2022.

The Tomorrow Children first launched in 2016, in partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment. Yet one year later, the online social action game closed its doors.

In the time since, Q-Games has reacquired the IP of The Tomorrow Children, and now looks to relaunch its game for both a new and returning audience as The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition.

The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition is set to arrive on PS4 and PS5, with some PlayStation 5-specific enhancements.

Building a new tomorrow

The day-to-day of The Tomorrow Children revolves around these small, almost doll-like life forms that players control. By going on expeditions and mining resources, they can try to save humanity. In the process, though, some big monsters decide to intervene and cause problems.

For the Phoenix Edition, an in-depth tutorial has been added, as well as new islands, items, and ways to play. Q-Games also says in its press release that it’s responding to community feedback. The Tomorrow Children won’t rely on a central server, and all microtransactions have been removed.

This new, revamped version of The Tomorrow Children will have peer-to-peer multiplayer support instead. It seems like a way to not just ensure it kicks off again, but can stay afloat in the future rather than closed down once again.

Hopefully the second time is the charm for The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition. It’s an interesting game with a fascinating premise that I never got deep into, due to its original model. But this intriguing blend of Animal Crossing and kaiju battles might get a chance at a second impression, for me and for others who moved on.

The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition hits PlayStation consoles later this year.

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