The plot thickens: Nintendo drops Mighty No. 9’s 3DS listing in Europe

Mighty No. Never

Last year I spent several months researching the state of the Mighty No. 9 3DS and Vita ports.

It was a pretty exhaustive effort as I managed to track down nearly all of the parties involved: except for Comcept, who “saw” a Facebook message on my inquiry into the ports and never responded. It seems as if they’re never going to admit that they gave up on the portable versions, which were added as part of the Kickstarter campaign.

Strangely, Nintendo of Europe has removed the listing for Mighty No. 9 3DS from their official website, where it was listed for the past few years. As Twitter user Lite Agent points out it’s still listed on the North American website.

This is just a weird turn of events, as now Level-5 is implicated given that it absorbed Comcept. It stands to reason that the Vita port is done given that the handheld is on the way out, but the 3DS is another story. Now that nearly every studio involved with the project has abandoned ship (or was ousted), we’re still just waiting on the big dogs to tell us what’s happening.

If Red Ash is still a thing, this level of distrust will certainly impact how that project is perceived as it moves along.

Lite Agent [Twitter via Nintendo Soup]

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