The last two weeks in the Community: Oh no Vexed Alex!

GDC was a little too hectic on me but never fear, I still managed to see all of the Community blogs that went up over the past two weeks. No game room this week as I wanted to focus on Silverhertz’s Lagantoid wallpaper that he made for the Destructoid Children’s alaphabet book. There are a few different sizes of the image over on Silverhertz’s C Blog.

Lots of people drew things, Welkstar’s RetroforceGO! arcade cabinet is almost finished, nintendoll loves you, the next BaltimoreDC NARP is going down next month, Technophile talks about the Forums, DtoidNewYork is getting together on May 22 and much more happened over the last two weeks in the Community.

Lets begin with all of GrumpyTurtle’s Worktime doodles: 03/23, 03/24, 03/25, 03/26, 03/27, 03/31, 04/01, 04/02 and 04/03.

Failcast episode 31 with guests Unstoppablejuggernaut and Hitogoroshi. Speaking of Failcast, here’s that Failcast game Bwark-Kupo made.

sylphx’s Persona short is almost here!

10 things you didn’t know about Diverse.

GamingGoddess showed off some of her awesome art.

Togail went on a giant art spree the last couple of weeks. He did some pieces from Silent Hill, which include the Mannequin, Insane Cancer, Pyramid Head, and The Lying Figure. Here’s all of his Final Fantasy related art pieces and he’s currently working on the monsters from Resident Evil. So far he has done a Crimson Head, Tyrant, and a Licker.

The first South West Missouri NARP took place at twister1988’s place! Brecksher, Jackal and twister played some videogames and one of the many illegitimate offsprings of Mr. Destructoid came by later in the night!

Welkstar lets us know that his RetroforceGO! arcade cabinet tribute is almost finished. Check out the video to see the beauty in action.

Funktastic now has over 800 games in his unbelievable collection.

mgmgarcia01 got the Link tattoo finally finished. I have to say, this is some of the best tattoo works I’ve seen when it comes to videogame related tats.

aborto thefetus IS A LIAR!

vexed alex? vexed alex?! vexed alex?!?! VEXED ALEX!!!! VEEXXXEEDDD ALLLLLEEEXXX!!! Oh wait, there he is!

Check out mudkip5000’s AMAZING Godzilla costume. That tentacle totally got his ass kicked.

nintendoll loves you, man. We love you too!

Take a look at all the new fancy stuff Niero has been working on. PRETTY COOL!

Happy birthday Usedtabe! You’re getting the gift a new kid!

ekoala2002 can custimize anything and everything.

The next DtoidBaltimoreDC NARP is taking place on May 2 at Hitogoroshi’s place once again. Go have some cake!

Mr. Destructoid ran three miles and all he got was this picture.

y0j1mb0 got cookies! So did gatorsax2010!

GDC was a pretty crazy time for all of us at Destructoid that went. For example, Conrad Zimmerman humped the air sexually on one of the nights. Hell, even Anthony Burch got on the mic to sing! The post GDC party was pretty fun and many of the DtoidSF and some DtoidLA crew were at the party!

Everything you wanted to know about DestructoidArtisan member Pendelton21.

Primo made a PixelJunk Eden painting. Nice!

Phallus Knife Fight’s drawings are getting way more disturbing each and ever posting.

UglyPhil did a speed painting of Banjo. Now he just needs to reply to my e-mail!

Butmac, Charlie Suh, -D- and Kryptinite are all racists.

Chad Concelmo kidnapped dolphins … and then rapped them all.

adultswim810 made a Keyblade and a Covenant energy sword out of wood! NEAT!

Bwark-Kupo held a contest in the C Blogs asking for people to draw him with Banjo and Kazooie. The contest is over and Genki-JAM won the main prize. All of the submissions were amazing all around.

Technophile gives us a run down on all the new things he’s down with the Forums this past month.

Anyone want to play Magic the Gathering?

spinseffingcool loves making effing cool gifs.


karar2k got a cute little Demoman plushie!

Everyone loves drawing Yojimbo.

Senisan82 wants to create a DtoidNewEngland group. Let him know if you want in!

Faith made a beaded Metroid! Cute!

Dtoiders watch each other’s backs. Case in point, when Zen Albatross got his stuff jacked, ShadokatRegn and Iconsam lent a helping hand and got Zen his stuff replaced.

DtoidNewYork is getting together on May 22. Birthday party what what!

Rio made some Dtoid coasters!

Happy brithday wishes go out to Aertyr, theGAMEGOBLIN, superflossy, Demios, Hamza CTZ Aziz, PTCoakley, CrakieRacooon, RawR I Corsa, viviextreme, Narishma, Dan Longman, Victoria, Buenaventura, Solorzano, Tarvu, sirinth, Sleper Awakens, Cypher VR, Qapf, banditjackpotty, boxhound, and minus 9.

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