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A Compulsive Collector's Haul - 800th Game, EPIC Haul, lastSKYsamurai Rules, and Club Nintendo Edition!

All right, so Iím getting REALLY bad at updating my hauls, but stupid school and work keep getting in the way. -_-Ď Regardless, prepare for some pretty freaking AWESOME stuff this time around, with sweet stuff from Goozex, SUPER sweet stuff from my local hangouts, kickass Club Nintendo JAPAN stuff, cool stuff from lastSKYsamurai, and my 800th (yes, EIGHT HUNDREDTH) game!

Letís start off with some SUPER awesome! My buddy James at Cash Converters (yes, thereís more than just Diamond Dave for those of you who frequent my blog, hahaha) pulled through for me like none other, and allowed me to be the proud owner of ridiculously fair priced Gauntlet Legends, Dragon Warrior VII, and Tales of Destiny! How could you say ďnoĒ when all 3 came to only $35! ^_^

Here is some more Goozex loving I have received! Grandia III, Gears of War (Limited Collectorís Edition), Sigma Star Saga, Street Figther Alpha 3, Loco Roco, and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town! Goozex has honestly been one of the best things Iíve ever been introduced to, so if you havenít signed up yet, DO SO NOW! Thanks to JoeCamNet once again for introducing it to me! =D

So, this past month has made me pretty poor, as Iím still a sucker for damn Limited/Collectorís/Special Editions. Iíve got me some Street Fighter IV (Collectorís Edition), which came with a ďbrand newĒ DAMAGED game case and artwork, of which if the customer service guy I contacted isnít lying to me, Capcom will be replacing for me. >_< I also finally got me some Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil 5 (Collectorís Edition). Atlus and Nippon Ichi (NIS) love? Yes please! My World My Way, Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?, and Legacy of Ys: Books I & II round out this picture.

More Cash Converters goodness in the form of handhelds! Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates for the DS, while I got Classic NES Series: The Legend of Zelda, Classic NES Series: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Super Mario Advance, and Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 on GameBoy Advance!

More typical fare from my buddies at Cash Converters! WarioWare: Smooth Moves, God of War (REPLACEMENT for my crappy Greatest Hits one), Uniracers (REPLACEMENT for my cartridge only), ATLUS made Hard Hitter Tennis, Dead Rising, and Resident Evil Outbreak.

So, besides the Resident Evil Outbreak guide, I got a pretty kickass package from lastSKYsamurai! Heís pretty damn awesome at Japanime drawings and all, as you can see from his envelopes, hahaha. He sent me a bunch of pictures/postcards of his super cool figurines and such, posing in various environments! He also sent me a handsome picture of himself, which I duly accepted! Hahaha! Talent to the max Samurai, now I just have to find somewhere to put these up! Thanks!

Through one of my awesome eBay friends, I managed to get quite a deal on some Club Nintendo JAPAN stuff! On the very left I got the Hanafuda Cards, and then youíll see ALL 3 different versions of the Gold Member status 2009 Club Nintendo Calendars! Pink, White, and Yellow are the colors, and theyíre all the same on the inside, aside from the border. I opened the Pink one to see how it was and all, and basically it once again showcases a different game for each month, and thereís a block format date setup on the back of each of the cards. Thereís also a little sticker sheet to mark down days for tests, birthdays, etc.

So in roughly 3 months (referenced here), I have managed to add another 100 games to my ever growing collection. And lo and behold, my 800th game is one that is truly worthy! Game & Watch Collection 2!

Once again, that brings an end to another arduously hard to keep up-to-date edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul! It has been a very slow few weeks for swag, but already working on my next edition, I somehow manage to have some more surprised in store! Keep a lookout for it, and Iíll catch you guys laterz!

P.S. Destructoid resizing of pictures for some reason has failed me this time . . . -_-'
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