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Magic the Gathering : Dtoid


Being a gamer website, I figured alot of us play or used to play Magic the Gathering and I'm sure there are a lot who are in my situation where we did play a while ago but life went on and we moved on to cheaper things. So I want to bring MtG back in my life but without spending hundreds of dollars on booster packs and I want to play the game online without buying a software that will have me buy cards as DLC. So I figured that it would be a great thing to start a MtG league on Destructoid.

For that we need a software. Here's the problem, when it comes to free MtG software there are a few options but not all of them will be good for everybody. Some of us have Windows PC some have Mac OS X and some even have Linux. So Apprentice was out of the question. The solution wasn't to hard to find, LackeyCCG. Although not being the prettiest software out there, the interface is complete and simple to use, all the options to play online with all the cards from the MtG universe with cards scans in high quality is all there. Also I think the software supports games up to 4 players, which would open up a great variety of gameplay.

I already made a thread in the forum section but not everyone goes there, so if anyone is interested in playing MtG, just send me a request to join the group :
Ideally I would like this to be part of FNF but we can also get games going on whenever.
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