The Homebrew Launcher comes to 3DS, despite Nintendo trying to stop it

Download YouTube while you can!

Homebrew has become a bit of a Hydra for Nintendo recently. They pulled down IronFall due to an exploit which allowed non-approved software to be run on the 3DS, and in response almost the same exploit has now also been released for the YouTube app and the Cubic Ninja app.

Thanks to The Homebrew Launcher, 3DS owners can now bypass the annoying region-lock the console has, emulate SNES games (which is technically illegal in some countries, for the record), make custom home menu themes, and run homebrew software made specifically for it. There’s also a really neat free adaptation of Portal called Aperture Science 3D.

Installation is easier than something like rooting an Android phone, but not entirely uncomplicated. First, you have to make sure either the YouTube app, Ironfall, or Cubic Ninja are installed on your 3DS. Then you’ll have to put two files available on the website onto your 3DS’ SD card.

The Homebrew Launcher uses the exact same permissions as most other pieces of software for the 3DS, meaning there is little chance of it bricking your system. However, what Nintendo will (or even can) do if it finds out you’re bypassing its restrictions is currently unknown.

It’s also worth pointing out github pages have been taken down by Nintendo in the past due to copyright infringement. There’s a pretty big chance the same will happen here.

Sidenote: the method using the Ironfall app is called “ironhax.” The fact it’s not called “ironbrew” is a god damn travesty. I can hear Scotland weeping from here.

Joe Parlock