The Great Retro Quiz! .26: Dolphin extravaganza!

First off, a huge round of applause is necessary for Mr. Topher Cantler for the awesome new Great Retro Quiz! image shown above. He did an incredible job. I get giddy each and every time I look at it. I can’t thank you enough, Toph. Amazing.

In less than 24 hours I will be getting sunburned on the beach of Cancun with the rest of the Destructoid staff. And what better way to celebrate an exotic tropical vacation than with a quiz all about dolphins?! Yup, you read that right. This week’s quiz is all about dolphin appearances in videogames. It’s a dolphin extravaganza!

This may quite possibly be the best quiz ever (natch), so it has to have a prize, right? Just leave your answers in the comments and whoever gets the most right will win a special souvenir from Cancun! I am not sure what it will be yet — it could be something as small as a fancy shell or as extravagant as a real live Mexican prostitute — but I will make sure I purchase it with love.

You can check my community blog tomorrow morning (4/3) for the correct answers, but I will not be able to grade all the entries until I get back. The winner will not be revealed until next week. Just keep that in mind.

I wish you all the best of luck (this one is HARD!).

The Great Retro Quiz! .26

: Dolphin extravaganza!
Number of questions: 20
Difficulty: Expert

1. One of the earliest dolphin videogames of all time — cleverly titled Dolphin — appeared on what retro videogame console?

a. Atari 2600
b. Intellivision
c. Commodore 64
d. Nintendo Entertainment System

2. Which of the following videogame characters has never had contact with a dolphin?

3. Name the game!

a. Soul Blazer
b. Crystalis
c. Willow
d. Neutopia II

Ecco sprite alert! Match the Ecco with the correct game:

4. Ecco Jr.

5. Ecco the Dolphin

6. Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future

7. Ecco: The Tides of Time

8. What is the name of your dolphin companion in EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus?

a. Eluria

b. Darwin

c. Cetus
d. Delphineus

9. In Endless Ocean, where do you train your dolphin buddies?

a. On the dock
b. On the beach
c. On the boat
d. Underwater

10. Upcoming “best game EVER!” Fantasy Aquarium is being released on what videogame system?

a. Nintendo DS
b. Wii
c. PlayStation 2
d. PSP

11. Which member of the royal family rides a dolphin in the King’s Quest series?

12. … and what game does this amazing dolphin ride occur in?

a. King’s Quest II
b. Kings Quest IV
c. King’s Quest VI
d. King’s Quest VII

13. In Mario Party 8 for the Wii — on the Goomba’s Booty Boardwalk board — who rides a dolphin sidesaddle?

a. Toad
b. Mario
c. Princess Peach
d. Luigi

14. Besides Petz Wild Animals: Dolphinz, what other piece of entertainment famously changed the letter “s” in one of its words to a “z?”

a. The Backstreet Boyz
b. Fast Timez at Ridgemont High
c. Jersey Boyz
d. Boyz in the Hood

15. Two answers! Which two characters battle killer dolphins (blasphemy!) in The Simpsons Game?

16. In StarTropics, what chapter is entitled “Dolphins?”

a. Chapter 1
b. Chapter 2
c. Chapter 3
d. Chapter 4

17. Oh no! What kind of creature kidnapped her son?

a. An evil octopus
b. An evil shark
c. An evil jellyfish
d. An evil fisherman

18. The dolphins in Super Mario World: Friend or foe?

a. Friend
b. Foe

In order to ride a dolphin in the two Wave Race games, what must you do?

19. Perform tricks

20. Enter a password

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