The Great Retro Quiz! .22: The characters of Super Smash Bros.


Hey, guess what? There is a game called Super Smash Bros. Brawl coming out this weekend for the Wii. You may have heard a little something about it.

In celebration of the occasion that either makes some people ridiculously excited or others completely annoyed, this week’s Great Retro Quiz is all about the characters featured in the original Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64. Why the original? Well, this is a “retro” quiz after all and that was the most retro I could get concerning this series.

Keep in mind that this quiz is not really about the actual game as much as it is about the characters featured in it. I just don’t want anyone to yell at me for not asking about the difference and subtle nuances between "Break the Targets" and "Board the Platforms.”

As an omen, those who do well on this quiz are destined to win their first match of Brawl come next week. I have foreseen it. Just leave your answers in the comments and check my community blog tomorrow (3/6) for all the correct answers.

What are you waiting for, let the mental melee begin! Good luck!

The Great Retro Quiz! .22
: The characters of Super Smash Bros.
Number of questions: 25
Difficulty: Normal

1. Box art memories! How many playable characters grace the cover of Super Smash Bros.?
a. 4
b. 5
c. 6
d. 7

2. Before Mario was Mario, what name did he originally go by?
a. Rocketman
b. Jumpman
c. Luigi
d. Mr. Plumber

3. Which of the following Mario forms can turn into a statue?

4. In Super Mario World, what color Yoshi has wings and possesses the ability to fly?

5. Yoshi goes to the grocery store to buy his girlfriend (boyfriend?) Birdo some eggs for breakfast. Based on how many he can carry in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, what is the maximum amount of eggs Yoshi can buy?
a. A quarter of a dozen
b. Half a dozen
c. Three-quarter of a dozen
d. A dozen

6. What does Donkey Kong wear in the original arcade classic Donkey Kong?
a. A necktie
b. A hat
c. A collar
d. Nothing. He is buck naked! My eyes! My eyes!

7. Confusing family history! How is the Donkey Kong featured in Donkey Kong Country related to the original Donkey Kong?
a. Brother
b. Son
c. Grandson
d. Great-grandson

8. Where does Kirby live?
a. Nightmare World
b. Star Village
c. Dream Land
d. Pink Palace

9. Kirby just inhaled Walky. What does the little pink guy look like now?

10. How many years does Link age after obtaining the Master Sword in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?
a. 7
b. 8
c. 9
d. 10

11. Which of the following creatures has Link never turned into?

12. What is Fox’s surname?
a. Dengar
b. O’Donnell
c. Windstalker
d. McCloud

13. Corneria decides to host the annual “Bring Your Nemesis to Work Day!” Who could Fox not bring along with him to the office?
a. Andross
b. Star Wolf
c. General Pepper
d. General Scales

14. Who is credited with creating Samus Aran?
a. Gunpei Yokoi
b. Shigeru Miyamoto
c. Makoto Kanou
d. Hirokazu Yasuhara

15. According to Metroid: Zero Mission, who was Samus raised by?
a. Space Pirates
b. The Chozo
c. The Galactic Federation
d. Metroids

16. Officially, what number Pokémon is Pikachu?
a. 1
b. 4
c. 20
d. 25

17. Random crossover alert! Which Final Fantasy IV enemy would fear Pikachu’s power the most?

18. A playable Luigi first appeared in what videogame?
a. Wrecking Crew
b. Mario Bros.
c. Super Mario Bros.
d. Donkey Kong

19. Which of the following partners accompanies Luigi on his parallel adventure in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door?

20. Where is Ness from?

21. Of the following, who is related to Ness?

22. What does Captain Falcon drive in all the F-Zero games?
a. The Red Falcon
b. The Yellow Falcon
c. The Green Flacon
d. The Blue Falcon

23. True of False: Captain Falcon is the fastest character in the original Super Smash Bros.
a. True
b. False

24. What reality television show would Jigglypuff most likely audition for?
a. Survivor
b. Top Chef
c. American Idol
d. America’s Next Top Model

25. Who does Jigglypuff evolve into?
a. Igglybuff
b. Wigglytuff
c. Tigglyduff
d. Bigglywuff

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